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Сharter train Siberian Star - Far East Express

Day 1. Vladivostok

Arrival to VVO. Transfer to the city, visiting Eagle Nest.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 2.  Vladivostok

Breakfast at hotel.

Depart hotel for the city tour. The excursion starts from Korabelnaya naberezhnaya, tourists visit the legendary Submarine C-56 – the symbol of Vladivostok, then walking through Nicolay Triumphal Arch which was established in honor to last Russian Emperor Nicolay II when he visited Vladivostok as the Tsesarevich. Vladivostok is the sea city so continue exploring it from the seaside by cruise.

Lunch is Russian cuisine with famous borch.

The excursion goes on famous Vladivostok bridges which are printed on 2 000 RUB bill and reach Russkiy island. There is a campus of FEFU – the biggest university in Far East and event venue Far Eastern Economic Forum and other international festivals and conferences.

Vladivostok is famous by king crab and other seafood so it is cooked for dinner for tourists.

Arrives to the railway station. There is an excursion and boarding a train.

Depart to Khabarovsk.

Day 3. Khabarovsk

Breakfast on the train.

Arrives in Khabarovsk, the former capital of the Far East. It’s major transport, economic and energy hub.

The city is located on one of the biggest river in the world – Amur river. Native people is Nanai whom we visit. Tourists get acquainted with the ancient cave paintings - petroglyphs that were left by ancient Djurgenis.

After it tourists visit fish cutting master class and degustation, traditional games and folk show.

Lunch consists of traditional Nanai cuisine (fish soup, salads from wild plant and fowl).

After returning to the city we visit viewing platform The Cliff that is printed on bill 5000 RUB and walking through the main street where many ancient buildings are preserved, at the evening the train rides on the well-known bridge.

Shashlik is cooked for dinner. The famous dish of Caucasian cuisine is very popular on Russian territory.

Depart to Blagoveshchensk.

Day 4. Blagoveshchensk


Blagoveshchensk is unique city of Russia. Just 100 meters from it on the other side of the Amur river is located city Heihe, China. This neighborhood is noticed in everything.

Blagoveshchensk is famous by sweets. During an excursion in Zeya Confectionery you know the whole process from the start to the end, and have a degustation of their best products.

The border between Russia and China runs along the Amur River. To see the Chinese’s shore and Blagoveshchensk from water closer you are going to cruise which especially pleasant to unite with a stand-up meal.

Excursion proceeds in the biggest village of Amur region where you visit the best country house of this year and village church.

There is a private aerospace museum nearby where you can see and touch showpiece.

North Chinese cuisine will be served for dinner.

Depart to Chita.

Day 5. On train

Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Entertainment on train.

Day 6. Chita

Arrives to Chita.

City tour. You know, who are the Dekabrist’s wives, and how was the development and colonization of distant lands and see the city from above.

You can’t survive in steppe without horse so you are visiting a hippodrome.

After a lunch will be ready to get acquainted with wild animals of the Transbaikal steppes,

Dinner, depart to Ulan Ude.

Day 7. Ulan Ude

Arrives to the capital of The Republic of Buryatia.

A main Buddhist temple in Russia is located nearby Ulan Ude. Depart to Ivolginsky datsan. After acquainted with history of Buddhism in Russia you will taste traditional Buryat cuisine – bussi and hushuhi.

Christianity separated in Russia in two part and Old Believers left cities and choose isolation from all worldly things for many years. Now you have a chance to visit their village and feel among its inhabitants where time seemed to stand still where you can have a lunch with folk show that makes you visit this one more time. 

Return to the city, depart to Irkutsk.

Day 8. Irkutsk

Arrive to the final destination.

Getting off the train.

Shortly you depart to the pearl of Siberia – the deepest lake in the world Baikal.

You will have short stops in ethnographic Taltsi museum and mysterious Shaman-stone. Also you will see fish market and local craftsman market.

You will see Baikal from the shore and water during two hours’ cruise. Excursion will be continuing through main sightseeing spots. You will have time for shopping before a dinner with shamanic ceremony.


Day 9. Irkutsk


Check out and transfer to an airport.

Depart to Tokyo.

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