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Farm visit

You will enjoy fascinating and unforgettable trip on the family farm with her own history. The farm located in ecological area of the Primorsky region. You will have an opportunity to see and make amazing pictures of different kinds of birds and animals, such as chickens, gooses, ducks, guinea fowls, pheasants, besides you can observe in native habitat such animals like cows, pigs, rams, ships.  You can see a compound animal feeding stuff technology, a milking procedure and also you can take a part in feeding of animals.

Upon your wish you can try a fresh milk, sour cream and cottage cheese. By the special request you can order some traditional Russian dishes from the list of the products of farm and you can have a lunch on a fresh air in the village atmosphere.

Plan of the tour:


At 9:00 am the guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel, transfer to the farm.

The way to the farm around 3 hours, you will enjoy beautiful views of nature and light snacks as well will be served.

You will arrive at the farm around 12:00 am, familazation tour around the farm, free time for taking pictures. Upon your wish you can order a special lunch.

Transfer to the Vladivostok at 14:00, if you will have a lunch transfer will be around 15:00 pm.

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