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Ostrich farm

Ten years ago, a former ship mechanic and now retired Valery Korolev brought three South African ostriches to his private home, and the heat-loving animals have taken root perfectly in the city of Fokino.

An unusual ostrich farm raised only 38 birds. Large birds coexist peacefully with chickens and ducks, eat well, lay eggs, molt and do other important things. In the farm economy of the farmer is equipped with a spacious aviary. Birds spend the night in the barn. In one day, an adult ostrich eats 2.5 kg of grain. He will not refuse a cabbage head. Carrots and beets are also included in the diet of overseas birds.

Every day for the owner is "Russian extreme". Male ostriches are very jealous and constantly pinch the owner when he feeds the females. Valery K's morning begins with feeding the birds. Males show strong aggression towards the host, flapping their wings widely, trying to win the attention of females.

Ostriches live about 75 years and distinguish moving objects at a distance of 3.5 km. Meat and eggs are not all you can get from an ostrich. Very highly valued is its skin, and recently, its feather.

You can enjoy the beauty of strange birds by visiting the ostrich farm in the village of Fokino. Today, everyone can come here, take memorable photos and listen to stories about ostriches.

Price: depends on the number of pax.

This farm can be visited on the way to Nakhodka city.

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