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Top 5 bars in Vladivostok

Winter is here so people mostly spend time inside. In Vladivostok you can find different things to do during winter season: theatres, cinemas, winter sports, wildlife and more. But this is day time rout and what can do adults when kids go to bed? Of course drink!

We present you TOP 5 BEST BARS in Vladivostok.

1. Moonshine bar

This place got a lot of awards. This establishment is located at 1/2 Svetlanskaya street, Vladivostok and is also a Bar in the full sense of the word. Let's start with the fact that the number of bottles on the shelves is striking not only in abundance, but also in variety. There are all kinds of Soju and Sake and a great selection of Rums, gins, Bourbons and wines. Let's continue with the mixed drinks menu. It leaves no doubt that the cocktail culture has not just reached the Primorsky territory, but is also firmly rooted here. Classics will be mixed no worse than in the top bars of St. Petersburg and Moscow, twists and author's cocktails will also not leave the most sophisticated guest indifferent. At the same time, Moonshine is a restobar where you can have both Breakfast and dinner, with a view from the huge French Windows and a wonderful cocktail.

2. Zuma

A huge restaurant on two floors, in the style of multi-establishments in Hong Kong. There are 6 halls, a karaoke room, a terrace and a patio. Each room is designed in its own unique Asian style, many of the interior elements are brought directly from India, Japan and China. There is a place for everyone, whether it is an impressive group of tourists, a corporate party or a dinner for two. Despite Seating 2,000, there are more than enough cozy corners, including three contact bar counters. The impressive cocktail list, actually two, is made with a focus on pan-Asian cuisine and the availability of a large number of fresh seafood. The wine list deserves special attention and pleases with excellent lines. Here you will find many top-selling wines, but also interesting biodynamic and organic representatives of the grape family of drinks. It is clearly worth a visit, but it is better to eat, drink and have a good rest.

3. Old Fashioned

At first glance the restaurant, but really great bar where fubaring plays an important role. Sophisticated dishes are combined with the most interesting drinks, which are made with a special gloss. If you are a fan of round ice and bottled cocktails, then you are here. One of the interesting features of the establishment is the ability of any guest to stand at the counter and prepare their own drink, of course, under the strict guidance of local bar masters.

4. Supra

This Georgian restaurant, as well as Zuma, is one of the first in the list on TripAdvisor. Yes, and they have the same owners, but the similarity ends there. If in the first case, the excellent service is complemented by Vladivostok hospitality, then here the hospitality is Georgian. That is, you will not be able to leave here hungry for sure. Classic cuisine – khinkali, boiled and fried, khachapuri, cheese, which is prepared according to an old Georgian recipe, and of course wine. The interior is full of carpets, authentic patterns, vases, which creates a sense of comfort and warmth. To convey the atmosphere of Georgian feasts as much as possible, complete strangers can be seated at one large table, and in General, guests are in close proximity to each other, which creates a sense of fun celebration.

5. Ozzy

A bar for fans of rock, motorcycles, electric guitars and trumpets in an old-school style and sense. Here they drink beer and mix all the classic cocktails, there is a decent amount of snacks and if you want, you can eat a hearty meal. Local bartenders flock here after the shift. With the exception of those days when rock bands perform on stage and the evening not only ceases to be languid, but becomes truly fatal. If you are looking for a bar like in American biker movies, then you are definitely here. A chair on the head, of course, will not get, but if you want to be able to effectively fall off it.

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