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The world of aviation.

Helicopter hangar

You will deep in the world of aviation, will know many interesting facts from the experience pilot and make inspections of helicopters.

The pilot gives you some knowledge about pilot profession  and internal structure of the aircraft.

Every person will feel and imagine himself  like a real pilot sitting by the steering wheel of the helicopter. Engineer-pilot will share his experience of his training on a private pilot and will share about the functional purpose of the devices and sensors of the helicopter. You will study private and  state helicopters.

Duration: 1 hour

Price starts from 1 850 RUBLES  per pax (depends from the number of pax).

Place - old airport (near the airport Knevichi)

Our helicopters are:

file (4).jpg

Robinson R44 (3 pax)


Eurocopter EC130  (6 pax)

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