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Ussuriysk was built by Russian people on the site of the ruins of the medieval Jurchen fortress and boasts more than 200 years of history. In the historical center, which citizens call the "Old city", or "New Arbat", preserved buildings of the late XIX – early XX century. The beautiful facades of restored buildings, painted in pastel colors and decorated with towers and spires, look very attractive, giving the center of Ussuriysk the charm of the pre-revolutionary era.

It takes only 1.5 hour to go to Ussuriysk. The city is green and peaceful so it is a good idea to go around and see the Central Square, walk around “New Arbat” and have lunch in one of the restaurants.

After lunch, guests of the town usually visit park “DORA” to see the stone turtle and know more about Bohai civilization.

The last place to visit in Ussuriysk is “Emerald valley” park. "Emerald Valley" is a unique Park in the far East. This is an open-air place where the very essence of Russian culture, its diversity and beauty is presented. The Park is divided into several zones. In the historical sector, visitors can see bright examples of wooden architecture, Russian history, traditions and everyday life. The Park is decorated with a Russian prison with various wooden buildings: a watchtower, a peasant and merchant's house, a black bathhouse, a blacksmith shop, a prison, and many others. The landscape sector of the Park includes a Fairy forest, a Playground, a Lotus Lake, and a fish lake. The Park is equipped with walking paths, arbors made of wood, and picnic areas-modern covered gazebos. In every corner of the Park, visitors will find comfortable benches and a huge number of objects for a photo shoot.

It will be a full day of good emotions, nice pictures and delicious food.

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