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White lion park

White lion park – unique place in Russian Far East. Animals live there in the big love and none of them was taken from the wild nature.

Park has a big territory located in Timofeevka fields. And that territory is divided into areas for different animals. Not only for lions! Each part is built according to an individual project, taking into account the characteristics of different animals, with the creation of comfortable living conditions close to their natural habitat.

In this park, you can try “Safari with lions” – unusual experience where you can take a ride among the lions by car, while observing the necessary security measures.

In the Park of lions "WHITE LION", you can feed the lions yourself and ride past them by car on a large territory. You don't need to fly to South Africa to go on a real Safari among lions, visit them and see these majestic animals without fences.

Duration – 4 hours.

Price depends from the number of pax.

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