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Wild tracks of Russkiy Island.

Cape of Tobizin

Russky Island at Vladivostok have a lot of picturesque places. When the bridge was built through the channel of  Bosfor Vostochniy  this island becomes a real finding for the tourists who loves nature, sea and natural atmosphere.

Most attractive places for the people are picturesque rocky bays and islands  and of course all island is   amazing coast.

And the most popular and beautiful place is Cape of Tobizin. Cape of Tobizin - was examined by the expedition in 1862 by controlling of Vasiliy Babkin and the cape was named under the surname of navigator Mr. German Tobizin.

Plan of the tour:

  1. You will enjoy a ride through the bridges of the city Vladivostok: Golden bridge and Russky bridge. After that it will be the way with different views and landscapes to the beginning point of Cape. On the way to cape you can make a lot of beautiful pictures, one way by foot to the main point around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Everybody can swim in nearest bay with very clear and warm water.

  2. On the last point of cape we will make a stop for a picnic and you will have enough time for making a great pictures with a view of old lighthouse or stones which reminds a plateau.

  3. The way back to the coach and transfer to Vladivostok.

*Upon special request we can arrange a morning tour where you can enjoy a dawn.


  • At summer season you have to wear headdress, sunglasses, sun block and individual snacks, if you need.

  • The trails are wild, you have to be very careful, the snakes are there.

The place of the tour: Russkiy Island, the cape of Tobizin.​
Number of tourists: 5-20 pax.​

Duration of the tour: 4 - 5 hours.

The price depends from the size of group. The price includes: coach, JSG, picnic, water.

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