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Wine tasting

While visiting Russia’s local restaurants and cafes you will have a chance to see the variety of wine lists of different places. In Russian restaurants, you will see different wine brands from all over the world but the most popular brands are from former members of the Soviet Union. We offer you a unique opportunity to try world known and extremely popular wine brands from Russia, Georgia, and other former members of the Soviet Union.

When you visit a wine boutique sommelier will conduct a tasting of wines followed by a tasting of traditional Russian side dishes from the chef. After tasting you will be able to purchase any wine you like.

Wine tasting program:

1 course – a sparkling wine (Brut) from Konstantin Dzitoev, Russian winemaker from Vladikovkaz + author’s salad “Herring under a Fur Coat”.

2 course – white dry wine made from Georgian Rkatsitely + author’s salad “Olivie”.

3 course – Georgian Saperavy (Red dry wine) + duck and turkey shank + foie gras with quince and persimmon.

Price: 50 USD per pax (a group of 10 pax).

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